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Automatic Car Wash : Emerging Business in India

Automatic Car Wash Business after being succesfully implemented in Americas and Europe, its now India's turn to have Car Wash Stations which clean cars in matter of few minutes. The equipment are easy to operate and have high profitability. The business is so profitable that in the western countries people who invest in one car wash often go ahead opening up a chain of car washes using the revenue from the first one.

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What does KKE Wash Systems has to offer?

KKE Wash Systems was one of the pioneers to develop Automatic Car wash technology using high pressure. KKE Wash Systems has products for all your vehicle wash requirements.

KKE Wash Systems offers both High Pressure and Brush technology. Both the kinds of the system use the most sensitive fail safe technologies and have built in safety features in all equipment from lower end to offcourse the high ends systems.

Additonally, we also supply chemicals like Soap, Silicon Wax, Triple Foam Wax , Truck Wash Soap once the equipment is installed.


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